I would like to take time to introduce myself.  My name is Steve States and I am the new principal at Grand River Academy. A little about my background and family:  I was an assistant principal at Clifton Elementary and Shelledy Elementary for 5 years combined. In 2007 I was named as the principal at Shelledy Elementary.  I was the principal at Shelledy until 2014 when I took a job in the district’s central office.  When Grand River Academy came open I saw the opportunity to get back to students and families, so I applied and was selected.  I have two adult daughters and a wonderful wife, who has been a big support.


            As you know, GRA is a special school.  I have had the opportunity over the past few months to get to know the staff and they are incredible people and educators.  It is heart lifting to have a staff of caring adults who sincerely want the very best for every one of their students.  I have heard that students hang around after school is over just to spend time with their teachers.  That’s a testament to the staff’s dedication and commitment to nurturing the whole child. 


            Soon school will be starting up.  It is with great pride that we offer, what I believe, is the finest blended learning environment for our students.  Our teachers have been hard at work to make sure that we have the necessary online programming ready for your student as well as classroom lessons for when your student is on campus.


            We are looking forward to a new school year full of new learning adventures. I look forward to meeting you and your student(s) and having the opportunity to get to know you and them.


Warm Regards,

Steve States, Principal.