Testimonial from a Grand River Academy 7th grader:

" Along with motor issues, I also have ADHD and ASD (Asperger's syndrome). All of these made school very hard for me. In some case it still is. I would have rapid breakdowns that would prevent any work from being done. This changed though, when I came to Grand River Academy. There we do lessons online with smaller classes. Doing school online has helped me with the stress of being in a larger class . Our smaller campus has helped me overall and prevented me from getting discouraged, stressed, or distracted."

Testimonial from a Grand River Academy 10th grader's parent:

"We got some great feedback from our son yesterday that I wanted to pass on to you. Let me preface this by saying that he is in a stage where he isn't very chatty with us about his school days, so when he offers something up I really tune in. He said that the teachers at Grand River really seem to care about helping students and wanting students to do well, and that even the middle school teachers that he doesn't have in class seem to know him and care about him. I'm happy that he's landed in a place where he feels seen and supported during this strange school year.  Kudos to you and your staff for creating a student-friendly environment."