General Questions:

What grades are offered by Grand River Academy? 
Grand River offers grades K-12. 

What subjects will my child study? 
Language arts, math, science, history, music, and art are the core courses for kindergarten and middle school students. High school students receive full academic options. 

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional materials? 
Yes, we provide all the textbooks and instructional materials for K-5. The middle school and high school curriculum are fully online.

What is a Learning Coach?
The parent or legal guardian who checks online attendance and ensures that assignments are completed. 

Will my child have the same graduation opportunities as students in traditional public schools? 
Yes, we are a District 51 school. 

Can my child work at his or her own pace? 
Our online programs are self-paced and flexible within the parameters specified by state law. Students are expected to achieve a year's academic growth in a year. 

How much time do students spend on the computer? 
We expect that students will spend no more than 20-25 percent of their time on the computer in the early grades. This increases as students enter middle school and high school.  Middle or high school students will spend around 30 hours per week completing assignments on the computer or 5-6 hours per day.

What does it cost to attend Grand River Academy? 
Nothing, we are a District 51 school. 

Do you provide curriculum for special needs children? 
Depending on a child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP), we can tailor our curriculum to meet your child's needs. A case manager will be assigned to your child to ensure his/her needs are met. 

Can you accommodate the accelerated learning needs of my gifted/talented child? 
Grand River Academy will monitor your gifted and talented child by designing enriched, customized curricular strategies.  This Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) will ensure your child has the maximum educational experience possible. 

How do students interact socially?
We have onsite mandatory attendance for all students combined with school outings, field trips, picnics, and other social events.

What if I change my mind or learning at home isn't working for our family?
 We aim to support all our learners and learning coaches and provide smooth transitions between schooling choices. With this in mind, a year's commitment to Grand River is best, but changes can be made at the semester if needed.

What are Grand River Academy's school colors and mascot?
The school colors are royal blue, light blue, and yellow-gold.  The school mascot is the Raptor (dinosaur).

Technical Questions:

Do I need to own a computer to attend? 
School District 51 provides each student with a Chromebook that they can check out for home use.  No additional computer is required.

What computer skills are required? 
The learning coach or mentor needs to have at least basic computer skills. Computer use is an important part of the program, but in the early grades, it is mostly the parent (or other responsible adult) who interacts with the computer. The program is user-friendly. High school students are most successful if they have basic computer skills.

Testing and Assessment Questions:

What tests are required as part of the program?

  • CMAS/PARCC (3rd - 8th)
  • PSAT (9th & 10th)
  • SAT (11th)
  • CELA (Colorado English Language Assessment, as determined by individual needs)
To learn more about district assessments including  a calendar of assessments, click here.

How is student progress assessed? 
Grand River Academy is a mastery-based program, which means K-12 students master concepts before moving on to the next lesson. Following ESSA and state guidelines, students are expected to make at least a year's growth in a year. Teachers will assess mastery and provide feedback to students and families.

Do you have questions not listed here? Contact us at [email protected], and we'll assist you.